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Bronze of Sakhmet seated, early Dyn. 18

Bronze cobra as Goddess Tefnut, Dyn. 17

Ibis-headed Thoth with human body, Dyn.18

Thoth as a baboon, stone, 2700-2500 BC

Cartouche ring of Akhenaten, Dyn. 18

Unfinished stone statue, Dyn. 19

King Horemheb as Amun-Re, Dyn. 18

Wood statue of King Smenkhkare, Dyn. 18

Funeral boat, Old Kingdom, cir. 2600 BC

Servant carrying offerings, 2134-1991 BC

Queen Hatshepsut as Goddess Mut, Dyn. 18

Gilded statue of a queen, Early Dynastic

Cartonnage of Princess Baket, Dyn. 18

Mummy foot casing, New Kingdom

Shawabti of Amen, vizier of Amenhotep III

Shawabti of the Vizier Paser, Dyn. 19

Wood shawabti of King Seti I, Dyn. 19

Shawabti of Queen Henuttawy, c.1050 BC

Shawabti of Royal Prince Ahmes, Dyn. 26

Sakhmet amulet pendant, Dyn. 18

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